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Lesson 2 Java versions and browser versions
ObjectiveEnsure that your browser will support the applets used in this module.

Java versions | Browser versions

The applets you will see in this module use the Java 1.1 event handling model .
This means that they will work only with browsers that support Java 1.1 and above.
In previous modules it didn’t matter which browser or browser version you used, because all of the work was done on the server.
You may remember that in Java 1.0, you handled events by overriding an applet (or subcomponent) method such as action(). In Java 1.1 you handle events by implementing a listener interface such as ActionListener, and adding your applet (or subcomponent) to a listenervlist. Make sure that your browser supports the Java 1.1 event model.
Review applet AWT code for a simple user interface in the next lesson.