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Lesson 2 Prerequisites for learning Servlets
Objective Required software for this course.

Java Servlet Course Prerequisites

Servlet Background

Verify that you have the required software for this course. You will be writing and compiling Java code throughout this course.
We recommend you use the JDK, version 1.7 (Java 2 Platform) or later, and I recommend the open source Java Editor known as Eclipse.
You will need a Web browser with 128 bit encryption to see some of your work in action.
There is quite bit of servlet-specific software you will use as well.

A solid understanding of Java is required before you take this course.
An understanding of the following is required.
  1. How to implement Java classes, objects and methods
  2. An understanding of how to organize and manage class hierarchies and frameworks
  3. How to use Java datatypes, expressions, and control flow structures
  4. How to code, compile, and test Java applets
  5. How to embed Java applets in Web pages using HTML

In addition, you will be working with SQL.
If some of these concepts are unfamiliar to you, visit the links on your bottom left hand side where it says Related Links.
In addition, prior knowledge of client-server web technologies will be helpful.
We will be working with raw HTML quite a bit.
A web programming course that deals with Advanced Perl is also available from this site. In the next lesson, study recommendations will be given.