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Reading File Java - Exercise

Read from a file

Objective: For this exercise, write a character-mode, stand-alone program that reads from a file and counts and displays the number of characters in this file. The file to read should be passed to the program as a command-line argument. (In other words, the file to read will be a string in args[0] in your program's main() method.)
To create a stream that you can use to read from a file, you can create an instance of FileInputStream. To create this instance, pass its constructor a string instance representing the file to read.
To read a byte, you can use an instance method defined by FileInputStream called read(). When read() returns the value -1, it has reached the end of the file. So, you can keep on looping, reading, and counting until you get -1.
Try running the file on itself. In addition, use the try/catch block where appropriate to handle any IOException errors.)
Place your code in the text area below when you are satisfied that it is working correclty.