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Lesson 5 String operators
ObjectiveWrite a program that creates a string and manipulates it using the qq and qw operators.

Perl String Operators

Just as the math operators work specifically with numbers, there are corresponding string operators for manipulating strings .
Operator Description
. Concatenation
x Repetition
Quote operators
q Single quotation mark
qq Double quotation mark
qw Word quote

Perl String - Exercise

Click the Exercise link belows to write a program in which you will use the string operators we have just examined to manipulate a string and array.
Perl String - Exercise

Here are some variants, most of which don't work:
$_ = "I have 2 numbers: 53147";
@pats = qw{

for $pat (@pats) {
 printf "%-12s ", $pat;
 if ( /$pat/ ) {
  print "<$1> <$2>\n";
 }else {
   print "FAIL\n";
That will print out:
(.*)(\d*) <I have 2 numbers: 53147> <>
(.*)(\d+) <I have 2 numbers: 5314> <7>
(.*?)(\d*) <> <>
(.*?)(\d+) <I have > <2>
(.*)(\d+)$ <I have 2 numbers: 5314> <7>
(.*?)(\d+)$ <I have 2 numbers:> <53147>
(.*)\b(\d+)$ <I have 2 numbers:> <53147>
(.*\D)(\d+)$ <I have 2 numbers:> <53147>