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Lesson 11 Ways to write ASP scripts
ObjectiveCompare scripting alternatives for embedding programs in HTML.

Ways to write ASP Scripts

You could think of scripts as the glue that holds entire Web-based applications together. With scripts, you create not just a group of related pages in HTML, but applications that can:
  1. Verify that a (U.S.) zip code matches the city and state entered for an address
  2. Offer a choice of movies, and begin playing the selected movie as soon as the choice is made
  3. Choose the version of a Web page that is optimized for the user's particular browser and send it to them
You can create ASP scripts in any of several scripting languages from Microsoft or provided by third parties .

Scripting Languages

Microsoft distributes two different scripting languages with Internet Explorer and ASP:
  1. JScript and
  2. VBScript.
JScript is Microsoft's implementation of a new, Web standard scripting language and looks similar to JavaScript.
VBScript is a stripped-down version of Visual Basic, designed for Web scripting instead of building standalone applications.
You can even script for ASP in Perl , a popular language in the Unix world that is frequently used for system administration and CGI programming. In the next lesson, you will put an interactive message into the course project.