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Perform Targeted Searches using XML

With the advent of XML, search engines are able to perform more directly targeted searches, enhancing the precision of the results.
Consider the value of being able to define content by comparing the following code examples:
The best picture award in 1998 went to the film Titanic
In this example, a search engine cannot determine whether you are referencing a ship, a play, a film, or an adjective.
The second markup example is more useful:

The best picture award in 1998 went to the film 

Now you know that this reference to Titanic is a reference to a film by that name. The last example takes XML a step further:
<YEAR>1998</YEAR> went to the film 
<TITLE MEDIA="Film">Titanic</TITLE>.

The last example makes the most "intelligent" document because the markup is explicit as to what the document contains. If you were to ask an intelligent search engine the question "Which film won the Academy Award for Best Picture in the year 1998?" this document would have a high degree of precision in matching your search query.