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Lesson 5XML defined
Objective Define XML Intelligence.

Define XML Intelligence

XML enables users to create documents that contain more specific information about content than ever before, adding a certain level of intelligence to the documents. XML documents also have a well-defined structure.
HTML has devolved from its original intent of defining structure. But even defining structure is not enough.
To fully exploit the potential of evolving technologies, we must define not only the document structure, but the
actual content as well.
The Web has shown us a different path to intelligence, millions of simple knowledge services, developed collaboratively in a decentralized way by many individuals and groups, all building on each other, and demonstrating a collective form of intelligence. It is time to reconcile these two views and create a new breed of hybrid knowledge systems that combine the best elements of AI and the Web and of humans and machines. Such hybrid systems can solve intractable real world problems, and potentially demonstrate unattainable levels of machine intelligence.

Some classic AI problem solving Tasks

  1. What drugs might be effective against this new virus?
  2. How can I get 101 PCs delivered by tomorrow?
  3. Who should I have dinner with tonight?
  4. What is the best way to get to Pittsburgh?
  5. Ebusiness Medicine
  6. Supply chain Meetings and Travel

XML Origins

XML is a World Wide Web Consortium recommendation that was created by the XML Working Group and the XML Special Interest Group at W3C. The recommendation defines an XML document as a text document containing storage units called entities.
These entities may contain parsed or unparsed data. XML provides a mechanism to impose constraints on the storage layout and logical structure of a document. These constraints are known as the well-formedness and validity constraints.
We will discuss these constraints and the formulation of XML documents later in the course.
Describing Content Intelligent Terms
The next lesson examines the goals that XML creators had in mind.