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Why Should I use Servlets instead of CGI-Bin/Perl?

Servlets are easier than CGI or server side includes, and no harder than ASP if you already know Java.
In addition, Java Servlets can communicate wireleslly via bluetooth.
Obviously, you know Java otherwise you be studying for the J2SE Certification.
There are objects and methods already coded for you that do a lot of the work to make your Web site interactive.
Servlets will enable you to extend the services of the web server you are working with.

Servlets have been quick to gain acceptance because, unlike many new technologies that must first explain the problem or task they were created to solve, servlets are a clear solution to a well-recognized and widespread need: generating dynamic web content. From corporations down to individual web programmers, people who struggled with the maintenance and performance problems of CGI-based web programming are turning to servlets for their power, portability, and efficiency. Programmers who were perhaps intimidated by CGI programming's apparent reliance on manual HTTP communication and the Perl and C languages, are looking to servlets as a manageable first step into the world of web programming. In addition, Servlets allow you to use the object-oriented features of the Java programming language.