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Lesson 1

Using Database Table using JDBC

In this module, you will learn about some of the requests you can make to the database itself. In a previous exercise, you saw a complete JDBC program. You wrote the driver and connection Statements in the program. You will next learn about some of the commands you can use to communicate with a database system once the connection has been established. In this module, you will explore methods that will allow you to use those databases.
The story continues on your journey as a team member working on the Brazilian Hospital Database Project. You have made a connection to a pilot database, and the customer was happy that all went well. Having a connection is a good first step, but to manage the project's information, you will have to get data into and out of a database. Your objective will be to put information into the database. Along the way, you will first learn how to get information about the database that you will be loading with data.

In an effort to move forward with the project, your next goal will be to populate the database table with the data from the pilot test group that consisted of hospitals and doctors. It is imperative that this be completed within 48 hours, as you will need to give Dr. Tucano a status update then. After completing this module, you will have the skills and knowledge to:
  1. Describe the purpose of Statement objects
  2. Describe the purpose of ResultSets
  3. Describe how to use other ResultSet methods to manipulate data
  4. Describe the reason for using DatabaseMetaData methods
  5. Obtain database content information by using the various DatabaseMetaData methods
In the next lesson, you will explore objects and how you can send SQL requests to the database.