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Lesson 5DatabaseMetaData
ObjectiveDescribe the reason for using DatabaseMetaData methods.

DatabaseMetaData (Reasons for using)

The prefix "meta" is typically used to describe an action or activity that helps describe other actions or activities. That is the case with DatabaseMetaMethods. They are methods that describe a database. They are not for manipulating the data itself. A DatabaseMetaData object contains information about the database system. The DatabaseMetaData class provides you with information about the database to which the Connection object is attached.

Understand JDBC Architecture

In addition to storing user data, databases also store information about the database, such as the driver and the DBMS. You can find out information about the DBMS system and its tables, including the table column names, primary keys, foreign keys, and stored procedures.
DatabaseMetaData is an interface implemented by driver vendors. There are about 150 DatabaseMetaData methods available. The full set of options is documented in the SDK docs for the java.sql.DatabaseMetaData interface and can be accessible from the Resources section.

Meet Customer Goals

Since you can use DatabaseMetaData methods to get information about the database you're using, you can more thoroughly understand the capabilities and structure of that data source. This can make you more effective in developing a solution that meets your customer's goals.
Developers use the DatabaseMetaData methods to enhance design efficiency and effectiveness, as well as to better understand how to accomplish the customer's business goals. These methods can also help make a program more dynamic as it can test the structure of a database and modify its processing accordingly.
In the next lesson, you will learn how DatabaseMetaData methods operate.

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