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Lesson 1

The JDBC Course Project

The course project will be part of a larger case study in which you will be role-playing as a member of a solution development team.
This module will prepare you for the course project and business case study, enabling you to:
  1. Describe the course project purpose and how it will assist you in learning JDBC
  2. Describe the case study and role you will play as a JDBC programmer
  3. Define the goal of the customer

This course uses Java 2 SDK

This course uses Java 2 SDK. If you have not downloaded it, please do so now.
You can obtain a copy of the most current version from Oracle at the following URL.
Download Oracle from Java.
If you wish to learn about some of the more advanced features of JDBC that are convered in this course, you should have a copy of the Java 2 Enterprise Edition SDK from the following URL.
J2EE SDK When you have successfully installed the SDK, continue on to the next lesson to find out more about the course project and purpose.