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Lesson 8

Java Packages and Interfaces Conclusion

This module explored packages, access modifiers, and interfaces.
You began the module by learning about packages and how they allow you to organize Java classes into functional groups. From there you learned about access modifiers which provide a means of controlling access to classes, member variables, and methods.
Finally, you wrapped up the module by taking a look at interfaces, which provide a means of defining the general design for a class without getting into the details of an implementation.

Glossary terms

This module discussed how the following terms relate to Java:
  1. Package: A package is a collection of reusable classes and interfaces.
  2. Interface: An interface is a set of methods that Java classes can implement.
  3. Access modifier: Access modifiers define different levels of access for class members including private, protected, public, and a default access level.
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Packages Interfaces - Quiz

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