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Lesson 3 Java TM Requirements
ObjectiveThis page discusses the requirements for this course.

Java TM Requirements

You will need the following materials to take this course.


In order to work through the example programs presented throughout the course, you will need to acquire and install the Java 2 Software Development Kit (SDK) Standard Edition or some other suitable development environment with a Java compiler.
For information about other Java development environments, please visit the Resources page.
Any development environment you use must be 1.2 compliant.

Java SDK for Mac OS or Linux Computers

The Java SDK is available for 1) Linux, 2) MacOS, 3) Solaris, and 4) Windows. Visit the following link to obtain JDK required for your operating system
Ports for other platforms are in the works, as are third-party development environments that are Java 2 SDK compliant. For now, if you are a Mac or Linux user, visit the following link to obtain a JDK for your operating system.

Book Recommendation

Purchase the optional text for this course online by visiting the course
This book is not required to take this course, but does contain helpful, additional information. You can reach the Bookstore page at any time by clicking the Resources button on the toolbar.