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Lesson 3Java Streams Course Requirements
Objective Explore how to get the most from this course.

Java Streams Course Requirements

Everything you need to complete this course is available online.

Java Streams Software

In order to complete the exercises and course project, you need any Java compiler and VM that supports JDK 6 and browser that supports JavaScript.
Note the following difference between NIO and NIO 2.
  1. java.io.File class exists since Java 1.0
  2. java.nio.file.Files class exists since 1.7
There is a big difference between the two classes and mentioning the Java version for these APIs (when they were originally published ) is useful for your understanding.

Course download files

The source code for the exercise and course project answers is included in a compressed download file for your convenience. The download file is available in Windows, Macintosh, and Unix compressed formats.

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While no book is required for this course, there are several that can offer additional information and serve as helpful resources. Although Java streams is an important topic, it is not a very sexy one. There aren't many resources that cover it, though a number of books devote a chapter or two to it.
The following book is recommended to accompany this course.

and for more advanced file manipulation in Java I recommend