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Lesson 4Course exercises
Objective Find out about the course exercises.

Java SlideShow Course Project

Throughout the course you will develop applets and applications that put your newfound Java knowledge to the test. You will be asked to submit your exercises at different stages of development.
Flip through the images below to see some of the programs you will be developing:

A program or application is a set of instructions targeted to solve a particular problem that can be unambiguously understood by a computer. To this end, the computer will translate the program to the language it understands, which is machine language consisting of 0s and 1s. Computers execute a program literally as it was programmed, nothing more and nothing less. Programming is the activity of writing or coding a program in a particular programming language. This is a language that has strict grammar and syntax rules, symbols, and special keywords. People who write programs are commonly referred to as programmers or application developers. The term software then refers to a set of programs within a particular business context.