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Lesson 3What You Need
ObjectiveDiscover what you need to take this course.

Java Certification Requirements

You will need the following materials to take this course:


You need a copy of the Java Development Kit (SDK) 1.7 and its associated documentation. The JDK 1.7 and its associated documentation are available from the following website .
To write Java programs and work through coding examples, you should have a good programmer's text editor. If you are using a Solaris, Linux, or other Unix platform, then you have choices ranging from VI to Emacs. If you are using a Windows platform, I recommend Eclipse.

Resources page

Visit the course Resources page. You can reach this page at any time by clicking the Resources button on the toolbar.

Other resources

You can find information on recommended software, optional books, internet resources and the course PDF on the Resources page. Remember, you can reach the Resources page at any time throughout the course by clicking the Resources button on the toolbar.

Course bookstore

Purchase the optional text for this course online by visiting the course Bookstore page.
This book is not required to take this course and clarifies key concepts discussed in this course.