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Getting to know the BeanBox

The BeanBox Window

The BeanBox window is where Beans are inserted and tested.
This window is similar to a form design window in an application builder tool in that you lay out Beans in the BeanBox window and visually manipulate them as desired.
The BeanBox window also serves as the main application window for the BeanBox application since it contains the menu of available BeanBox commands.

Note that applets created via beans.instantiate run in a slightly different environment than applets running inside browsers. In particular, bean applets have no access to "parameters", so they may wish to provide property get/set methods to set parameter values. We advise bean-applet developers to test their bean-applets against both the JDK appletviewer (for a reference browser environment) and the BDK BeanBox (for a reference bean container).

The BeanBox window

Beanbox Window

The BeanBox, from Sun, eases the development of JavaBeans by providing a test container for the components. The BeanBox can test that the code you wrote for your bean works properly inside a container.