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Lesson 4Beanbox Test Container
ObjectiveLearn the benefits of the BeanBox test container.

Benefits of the Beanbox Test Container

To run the BeanBox, execute the run.bat file, which is located in the beanbox directory beneath the main Bdk directory.
The run.bat file makes use of the Java interpreter provided with the JDK.
The Java interpreter is located in the JDK bin directory beneath the main jdk directory. This directory must be included in your system path in order for the run.bat file to function properly.

The BeanBox user interface

When the BeanBox is running, it displays three different windows:
  1. ToolBox window
  2. BeanBox window
  3. Properties window

In the next lesson you learn how to use the BeanBox to test Beans.

Raising and Handling of Events

An event is something of importance that happens at a specific point in time. An event can take place due to a user action such as
  1. a mouse click or
  2. when the user clicks a mouse button,
an event takes place. Events can also be initiated by other means. Imagine the heating system in your house. It contains a thermostat that sets the desired comfort temperature, keeps track of the current ambient temperature, and notifies the boiler when its services are required. If the thermostat is set to keep the room at 73 degrees Fahrenheit, it will notify the boiler to start producing heat if the temperature drops below that threshold. Components will send notifications to other objects when an event takes place in which those objects have expressed an interest.