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Lesson 5The Session Beans Course project
ObjectiveDevelop a realistic EJB application.

Session Beans Course Project

The course project is to develop a simple banking application that requires you to create the appropriate beans for the business objects (BankAccount) and the business processes
  1. Teller,
  2. Currency
plus a Customer client.
This application is realistic since it requires an appropriate set of intercommunicating EJBs with similar functionality to those that would be required in real-world EJB development.
The course project starts in the first course and continues in the second course in the series. The final solution will look like the schematic below.

Course Project consisting of 1) Customer Client 2) Teller 3) Currency Converter 4) Bank Account 5) Database
Course Project consisting of 1)Customer Client 2) Teller 3)Currency Converter 4) Bank Account 5) Database

At the end of most modules, you will be asked to complete a specific project exercise that verifies and reinforces the knowledge you have learned in that module.
The project exercises build one upon the other To save you typing in all the code required, I have provided "skeletons" for you to download and simply edit where necessary.
There will be a clear comment associated with each entry that you need to make so that you will not feel I have left you "hung out to dry," and the information required will be in that or previous modules.
For example:

/* For CurrencyBean to be a Stateless Session Bean, 
is it a class or an interface and what does it  
extend or implement? */
public class CurrencyBean 
extends SuperBean{
 .  .  . 

public interface CurrencyBean 
implements RemoteListener{


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