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Course structure for Learning Perl

So you can start writing simple and effective Perl scripts as soon as possible, each of the lessons are short and direct, giving you the rich features of the perl language that you now want to learn.
Perl was the language of choice before the advent of PHP.
There are 6 modules and only the final module is Web-focused, explaining several example Perl programs useful for Web programming. The emphasis in Modules 1 through 5 is the Perl language.
In fact, even though Perl is native to the Unix-like operating systems, we have gone to great lengths to keep the examples as generic as possible so they will run on a wide variety of systems.
Depending on your experience level, you can expect to spend 15 to 30 minutes on each lesson. Of course, you may want to spend more time on some lessons and less time on others, so consider this number a rough estimate.

Over the next six modules, we will cover:
  1. What the Perl language is
  2. How to run a Perl program
  3. Variables and data types
  4. Perl operators
  5. Regular expressions
  6. Flow control
  7. Perl functions and subroutines
  8. Some common applications in Perl