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ASP and Perl

The ActiveX Scripting version of Perl (called PerlScript) integrates well with ASP. To use Perl with ASP, you need to download and install Perl for Windows and then install PerlScript. Both are available from ActiveState, the company that developed the Perl version distributed with the Windows Resource Kit (the nomenclature Windows).

Perl for ASP uses Perl's object-oriented features to integrate with the standard objects.
If you have not used Perl with objects before, you may need some practice. For example, to get the value of the Color variable passed as part of a query string, you would write:

If you are going to use PerlScript with ASP and run Perl scripts on your Web server, that's fine. Be careful, however, about installing it for client-side use. Perl is a full-blown language that does not have the usual scripting language safety features. For example, it is easy to write a Perl script that deletes every file on a disk.