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Numeric functions example

The regional settings on the server determine which currency and grouping symbols are returned by the function.
The valid parameter values for
  1. IncludeLeadingDigit,
  2. UseParensForNegativeNumbers, and
  3. GroupDigits are:

0 False/No
-1 True/Yes
-2 Use the server's regional settings (default)

This example assumes the regional setting is United States.
Response.Write FormatCurrency(1.231,2)  'Outputs $1.23
Response.Write FormatNumber(1.231,2)    'Outputs 1.23
Response.Write FormatPercentage(1.231,2)'Outputs 123.00%

Response.Write in this example is a form of ASP's Response object.
For now, just think of it as similar to a PRINT statement in BASIC. We'll cover this in more detail in a future lesson.