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Lesson 10Running CGI on your server
ObjectiveRequirements for running CGI on your server.

Run Common Gateway Interface

Discover what the requirements are for running CGI on your server.
A CGI program must run on a Web server. Because the input to the program comes from the server, and the output is sent via the standard output stream through the server to a Web browser, a CGI program will not run as expected without a Web server.
That is not to say that you cannot test some aspects of your program from the command line, however you will not be able to use your Web browser to interact with your CGI program without a server.
So it is essential that you find out now what steps are necessary to run CGI programs on your server, so that you can complete the exercises for the rest of this course.
First, you will need to understand how a CGI program runs.

Click the link below to perform the exercise to copy a CGI program to your Web server and run it.
Run CGI Exercise
Now that you have successfully run a CGI program on your server, you have enough information to do it again and again.