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Lesson 1

Key to understanding the Java Programming Language

This course, the second in the Introduction to Java 2 Series, continues to explore introductory topics that are key to understanding the Java programming language.
By taking this course, you will be introduced to object-oriented programming concepts such as packages and interfaces, and you will learn about graphics in Java. The course also covers important Java topics such as threads, exceptions, I/O, and networking.
Throughout Java 2 Fundamentals II, you will work on course projects that demonstrate many of the major Java programming topics covered in the course.

Course goals
After completing the course, you will have the skills necessary to:
  1. Understand how to organize Java classes into packages
  2. Understand the role of Java's Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT)
  3. Use the AWT to draw graphics primitives, text, and images
  4. Understand the significance of multithreaded Java programs
  5. Build multithreaded Java programs
  6. Use exceptions to detect runtime errors
  7. Read and write data to and from Java streams
  8. Transfer information across the Internet using Java's networking features