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Lesson 7

Java Streams Conclusion

This module introduced you to streams which are the foundation of input and output in Java. In this module, you learned what streams are, where streams come from, and when you should use streams.

Topics discussed in the next module

In the next module you will learn about efficiently reading data from input streams. In addition, you will learn how to use the available() method to count available bytes in a stream, how to skip unnecessary data, and when to close streams.

Java Web Start is a framework developed by Sun Microsystems which allows application software for the Java Platform to be started directly from the Internet using a web browser. Unlike Java applets, Web Start applications do not run inside the browser, and the sandbox in which they run does not have to be as restricted, although this can be configured. One chief advantage of Web Start over applets is that they overcome many compatibility problems with the different Java browser plugins and different JVM versions. On the other hand, Web Start programs cannot communicate with the browser as easily as applets. To assist migration, a Java Applet can also be used as a Java Web Start application.